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Our Public Access Television Program

Go Vote Omaha! is our locally produced television program. Watch it Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm on Cox channel 22 or Centurylink channel 89.

After a program airs, it is uploaded to the LWVGO channel on Youtube.

The Death Penalty

In 2015, the Nebraska Unicameral voted to abolish the death penalty.

Those who opposed this decision organized a successful petition drive to overturn that decision. As a result, the issue will be on the November ballot for voters to resolve.

The League of Women Voters supports the abolishment of the Death Penalty and urges you vote RETAIN in November.

To help you make an informed decision, we are preparing three programs on the death penalty.

The first program is on Morality and Justice. Geri Simon interviewed Marylyn Felion, who was the spiritual advisor for the last man executed in Nebraska. Robert E. Williams died in Nebraska's electric chair in December 1997.

In our second program,Geri Simon interviews Eric Berger. He is a law professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and national expert in lethal injection.

Bill Thornton, a pastor in Lincoln and Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries at the Nebraska Christian College, is our guest on the third program. He and Geri Simon discuss what Christianity and the Bible say about the death penalty.

On September 8, the League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha conducted a forum on the death penalty. Brian Mastre from WOWT channel 6 moderated. The panel members were Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, Nebraska State Senators Bob Krist and Merv Riepe, and the former Gage County Attorney Randall Ritnour


Working with Valerie Stoj from the Douglas County Election Commission we have one program on registering to vote and another on voting

Be an Informed Voter

Human trafficking happens in Omaha. Geri Simon talks with Sakura Yodogawa-Campbell about her experiences as a victim.

Attorney Tracy Hightower Henne is the executive director of the Nebraska Innocence Project. She talks with Geri Simon about their work in Nebraska.

The Electoral College. Dr. Carson Halloway from the political science department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, talks with Geri Simon about the electoral college.

How to Watch a Debate. Cameron Logsdon and Queen Tara Pimentel teach at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and are both National Debate Champions. Cameron is the Assistant Director of Forensics and was National Champion in 2010 and 2011. Queen Tara teaches Argumentation and Debate and was National Champion in 2014. They talk about what to look for as you view debates.

Amy Miller, the legal director for the Nebraska ACLU, talks with Geri Simon about prisons in Nebraska and some of the efforts the state is making to correct problems.

Learn about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) issues as Geri Simon talks with Jessi Hitchens, the Director of the Women and Sexuality Resource Center at UNO.

The EPA published new standards for clean power this year. Geri Simon talks with Cynthia Tiedeman and Janece Mollhoff about what that means for Nebraska.

Civic Health. Mia Crawford-Gray and Kelsey Arends from Nebraskans for Civic Reform talk about what it means in Nebraska.

Geri Simon and Dr. Deb Smith Howell discuss Political Persuasion. Dr. Smith Howell is a professor and Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

John Kretschmar, the Director of the University of Nebraska's William Brennan Institute for Labor, spoke with Geri Simon onpolitical messaging and communications

Islam and Muslims are in the news a lot. Geri Simon spoke with Dr. Ramazan Kilinc, Director of the Islamic Studies Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. A good introduction to this interesting religion.

People have a lot of opinions about the ACLU (American Civic Liberties Union). Learn the facts in this discussion between Geri Simon and the Nebraska ACLU's legal director, Amy Miller.

If you missed our Water Quality Forum, you can see it here

In the Legislature (2016)

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha (LWVGO) supports and opposes bills based upon our stated positions. Geri Simon and Peggy Adair, LWVGO, discuss our priority bills in this hour-long program that aired live.

LWVGO supports the expansion of Medicaid. Molly McCleery and Kait Madsen from Nebraska Appleseed discuss the 2016 proposal. More information on the proposal can be found here.

Geri Simon and Peggy Adair discussed what happened and what didn't happen in the 2016 legislative session in this live Go Vote Omaha program.

For a rundown on the 2017 bills in the Unicameral, see Linda Duckworth interview Peggy Adair

Government in Nebraska

Nebraska is the only state with a one-house legislature. Mia Crawford-Gray talks with Dr Paul Landow, Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, about our unicameral.

Redistricting happens after every census. Based on the new population information, the Federal government reallocates the number of House of Representative seats between the states. Each state reallocates their state legislature seats to maintain approximately equal representation. Geri Simon and John Else discuss how to do redistricting is done.

About the League

Geri Simon talks with Gail Formanack, 2015-16 President, and Mia Crawford-Gray, a new member, about the League of Women Voters in Omaha (LWVGO)

Geri Simon interviews Deb Neary about the history of the League of Women Voters with an emphasis on the Omaha League.