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Candidate Forums 2016 General Election

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The League NEVER endorses or opposes political parties or candidates. We present forums solely for voter education.

Congressional District 2 (Omaha)


Gary Kerr moderated for Don Bacon and Brad Ashford. The debate is available for viewing here

Legislative Districts

We have invited the candidates for all of the Omaha area state legislative districts. Some candidates were unable to make the times that we had available. As we record the districts, they will be available here.

Legislative District 45

Sue Crawford and Michael J Cook

Legislative District 13

Jill Brown and Justin Wayne

Legislative District 7

John Synowiecki and Tony Vargas

Legislative District 39

Bill Armbrust and Lou Ann Linehan

Legislative District 31

Rick Kolowski and Ian Swanson

Douglas County Bond Issue

Douglas County has a $45M public safety bond issue on the ballot.

The Douglas County website includes information on the bond issue.

Detailed information on plans for the West Dodge Campus are here

Our discussion about the bond issue with Commissioner James Cavanaugh is available here.


The MUD Board Forum. Candidates are:
Tom Wurtz
Krystal Gabel
Mike McGowan
Jack Frost (did not attend forum)

The OPPD Board Forum. Candidates are:

Rick Yoder
Fred Ulrich
Craig Moody
Tom Mulligan (was ill and could not attend forum)
Tom Mulligan did participate in the forum for the primary election. You can find it here.

The Millard School Board Forum. Candidates are:

Terry Dale (did not attend forum)
Mike Pate
Linda Poole
Amanda McGill Johnson
Amber Dee Parker

The Omaha Public School Board Forum. This is for Subdistricts 1, 3 and 7. Candidates are:

Subdistrict 1: Ricky Smith
Yolanda Williams was unable to attend. You can see the forum for the primary election here

Subdistrict 3: Alex Gates
Ben Perlman

Subdistrict 7: Amanda Ryan
Carol Krejci

The Douglas County Board District 5 forum Candidates are:

Marc Kraft
Mary Jane Truemper

The State Board of Education District 2 forum Candidates are:

Lisa Fricke
Glen Flint

Death Penalty

Go Vote Omaha! prepared 3 programs on different aspects of the death penalty. They are available here