Making Democracy Work

Celebrate Democracy

The League of Women Voters encourages all citizens to participate in democracy. That includes voting and making your voice heard.

Our Voters' Guide for the Omaha city elections is here

Vote in the Omaha primary on April 4

Be ready to call in your questions to our live televised city council forums on KPAO, Cox channel 22 or Centurylink channel 89.

The first forum is available here
District 1

Paul Anderson
Pete Festersen (unable to attend forum)
Grant Sturek

District 6

Brinker Harding
Dwite Pedersen

District 7

Aimee Melton
Brian Thommes

The second forum is available here

District 2
Tanya Cooper
Gwen Easter (unable to attend forum)
Krystal Gabel
Ben Gray
Maurice J Jones
Bradley D Whitmore Jr
Dennis J Womack

6:30 - 7:30 pm Thursday March 30

District 3
Gilbert Ayala
D'Shawn Cunningham
Mark Elworth Jr
J R Jasso
Chris Jerram

District 4
Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan
Vinny Palermo
Jim Rogers

We will sponsor a forum for the mayoral candidates in April at the Press Club.